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Oodi's standing on books asking and answering questions

What's an Oodi?

You may not know it, but you’ve probably already met an Oodi. No one knows where they came from or who sent them, but they have an insatiable desire to improve the way agencies and clients do business. Be nice to your Oodi’s and they will treat you well… just don’t feed them after midnight. Trust us on that one.

Why should I buy on Oodi?

Oodi is transforming the way marketing services are bought and sold. With transparent and pre-negotiated best-practice offerings, buyers have the power to select what they need within the budget they have. Every transaction is protected by OodiPay to ensure that buyers get what they purchased and sellers get paid for what they deliver. Buyers can be confident when they buy on Oodi knowing every top-tier Oodi partner is thoroughly vetted and approved.

How do you vet Oodi partners?

We are very selective with our Oodi partners. Our comprehensive vetting process includes client reviews and validation, business excellence, financial health, insurance coverage, and service experience. Only top-tier agencies are allowed to sell on the site.

How much does it cost to use Oodi?

Oodi is free for buyers to use and for sellers to create a store! To keep the lights on, we do charge our Oodi partners a fee when someone purchases a service.

The only time Oodi will charge a buyer is to cover the processing fee if they choose to pay via credit card. See Fees & Charges for more.

Can I negotiate price or deliverables with my Oodi partner?

No. Our Oodi partners have already put together competitive pricing for their best-practice offerings. To find an Oodi partner in line with your budget, use the filter tools to narrow down your choices.

Can I request the same service from multiple Oodi partners?

You cannot request the same service from multiple sellers for the purpose of negotiation. The prices and services are predefined and must be purchased as such. However, if you have multiple projects that require the same service, you may purchase the same service from multiple sellers (or the same seller) for different jobs. There are communication tools on each partner store, package page, and job request that allow you to ask your agency any questions that you have.

Can I add my company’s legal terms to the Statement of Work?

No, Oodi has developed a comprehensive Terms of Service that protects both buyers and sellers during their time on Oodi to ensure buyers receive what they pay for and sellers get paid for what they deliver. We have a dispute resolution process to ensure that everyone is on the same page should the situation arise. See Terms of Service for more.

Can I change the scope of my project after it has already started?

Yes, as long as the Oodi partner agrees to the change in scope. When this happens, the contract can be updated. Changing the scope of the project may result in increased costs and timeline. Reach out to your Oodi partner to discuss any changes you’d like to make.