We're on a mission to modernize, accelerate, and simplify the way marketing services are bought, sold, and managed.

Who is Oodi?

We're a group of passionate marketers and developers committed to making the marketing world a better place. We know what it’s like for brands and agencies to get marketing campaigns up and running quickly and it’s not easy. So, we're here to give you the tools you need to make buying, selling, and managing marketing services a cinch.

Super Oodi thinks about how he can make marketing easier for everyone
Karen Parisi - CEO and Founder of Oodi

Why are we here?

A note from the founder

Have you ever had a task take up so much of your day that you can't get to what really matters? I have. As a marketing professional, I've had the opportunity to lead great campaigns built by great marketing agencies. And, while the campaigns were always exceptional, the process to find and work with those agencies wasted more time than either party wanted - leaving everyone scrambling to meet deadlines.

So, I set out to fix it. I was determined to build a tool that modernizes, accelerates, and improves the way marketing services are bought, sold, and managed. Through a digital and educational sales experience, transparent purchasing process, and clear project communication, I believe that Oodi can help transform the way brands go to market and the way agencies grow.

We will never stop trying to improve the way brands and agencies work together. Why? Because time is precious and we all deserve to spend our time on what really matters.

- Karen Parisi, Founder and CEO

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We know how complex marketing can feel. Our Oodi experts are here to guide you down the right path or just give a little advice. Whether you need something specific or just want to chat, drop us a line and we'll follow up with you soon.