Oodi watches how it works video with popcorn

Discover how easy it is to use Oodi

Oodi is your one-stop shop to compare, purchase, and manage the right marketing services from best-in-class agencies. It’s easy to get started.

Oodi watches how it works video with popcorn

Choose the right marketing service

Whether you already know what you want or need to do a little research, our guided, educational search allows you to select the right service based on your goals.

Choosing the right marketing service and using Oodiversity

Filter & Compare Oodi Partners

Narrow down your list of partners and compare apples to apples. Select up to 3 vendors to compare and choose the partner that best fits your needs, timeline, and budget.

Setting a budget, timeline, and deliverables to compare packages offered by marketing agencies

Purchase best-in-class services

Our partners provide their best-practice offerings at the right price, to save you time and money. Just provide your details and request your job. Once your new partner accepts the job, enter your payment details to get started.

Select a marketing package and create a job request with an agency

Manage your new job

Your job is ready to get started! Review creative and revisions. Communicate regularly with your Oodi partner. Pay with OodiPay to ensure your money is safe and sound. Get your new campaign up and running faster.

Manage your campaign in a timeline and make easy secure payments with OodiPay

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