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Why Sell on Oodi?

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Easy Setup

With user-friendly communication tools and comprehensive analytics, you'll be expanding your customer base in no time.

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No Pitching

With our tools, it's easy to offer best-practice services at competitive prices, making it easy for buyers to purchase outright.

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Get Paid Immediately

No more waiting 15, 30, or even 60 days to get paid. OodiPay releases payment as soon as your delivery is approved.

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Getting started is easy

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Apply to become a seller on Oodi. All sellers must pass our vetting system.

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Set up Store and Services

While you are waiting to be approved, you can set up your store and services.

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Get Approved

Once approved, your store and all your services will go live for purchase.

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Start Selling!

Get paid within days or even minutes after delivering milestones.

Use awesome tools

Create a presence

Expand your brand awareness by creating an agency store that shows just how awesome you are.

Set up services in minutes

Stop reinventing the wheel. Standardize your sales process by setting your deliverables, milestones, budget, and estimated timeline.

Manage jobs with ease

Keep track of communication, deliverables, and payments all in one place.

Forget leads, get clients

It's time to ditch RFPs and pitching!

Through Oodi's transparent sales process, we help our agencies articulate their best-practice offerings in an easy-to-understand and educational format for our buyers - making it easier for our buyers to quickly decide and purchase services from the right agency.

And the best news is that you don't pay a thing until a client pays you for your services. So sit back and relax until your first client comes knocking.

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Get paid on time, every time with OodiPay

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Oodi delivers your signing payments immediately at the beginning of a job and holds each milestone payment in escrow. While you focus on delivering your best work, we make sure you get paid.

OodiPay safe
We process payments with OodiPay, our secure Level 1 PCI DSS compliant payment and escrow service, and have regular security checks to ensure secure transactions between buyers and sellers. Learn more

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